100 Miles in January

100 Miles in January

OK, strictly speaking, it was 99.3 over 19 runs. My target was 100 miles for the month, but who’s counting? It’s also felt pretty tough, even to cover this mileage at an average pace of 8’17” over the month. That’s reflected in my average heart rate for the month too – 166bpm. That kind of BPM is my threshold pace and clearly not what I should be seeing as an average for the month!

All of that said, I’ve done practically nothing since completing the New York Marathon (my certificate arrived today, along with the official Results Magazine). So, really I’m not going to beat myself up. It’ll be another month of base training in February and I’ll try to slow down. More miles – adding around 10% per week – but at a more comfortable 155bpm for the majority of runs. I’ll add one pacy run to the mix each week and aim to increase the Sunday ‘long’ run to around 10 miles by the middle of the month.

With seven months and ten days to go, there’s still plenty of time to get in the right kind of shape for the Great North Run.

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