Apple Watch

Apple Watch

Just bought myself an Apple Watch. Resisted when the first series was released for the fundamental reason that it had no GPS. I found it such a major omission from what appeared to be a great product that I couldn’t understand what they were thinking about!

But the faff of syncing data from Garmin Connect to Nike+ Run Club and the iOS Health App – being sure not to take my iPhone for a run for fear of double counting activity and having to reset the permissions of which app could read and write data every time an update happened was frankly too much.

I’ve taken the Apple Watch on two runs so far and I have to say, I won’t miss Garmin one bit. It’s light, intuitive, the GPS seems to be very accurate and the seamless integration with Nike+ makes this really great to use. I love many of the other features of the Apple Watch too. It seems to be very well put together and now I have only one thing to think about – whether to get some bluetooth ear buds and start listening to music again when I’m pounding the pavements.

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