One thing I’ve already come to love about Costa Rica is the laid back way of life. One of the guide books I read neatly summed things up: embrace the love.

Climb into the mountains

Today we drove out to Cataratas Bijagual. We turned off Route 34 onto 320 and were a little surprised by the ascent up into the mountains. The road proved a bit of a bone shaker, even in the 4×4. After about 4 miles, we stopped in a roadside shop to ask directions.

Coincidentally, the guide operated from the building next door. He jumped on his motorbike and showed us the way. Forget about formality here. He told us he’d take us to the start of the path which leads down to the viewing platform, kick started the bike and headed off with Elisa and I in hot pursuit along a single track dirt path. “Lock up when you leave,” he told us.

Let’s Offroad!

The video below was shot on the return journey along the path we’d followed the guide down and I was reminded of Simon and Lyndsay’s “Let’s Offroad!” sketch from the Fast Show. It really was great fun driving along here.

Pura Vida

The serenity of this place cannot be overstated. We met nobody. We descended alone, viewed the stunning waterfall and climbed the 600m path back to where we’d parked. To give you a sense of how steep and twisting the path was, the 600m took us 50 minutes to descend (stopping for a couple of photos) and 30 minutes to ascend.

Peace and Quiet

After climbing back from the waterfall, we followed another path down to the river where we found beautiful cascades of water gushing into fresh natural pools.

The prominent sign about walking the trail at your own risk made complete sense as we stepped carefully amongst the rocks to climb down into the wonderfully refreshing water.

A raspberry dragonfly danced, ducked and dived (seemingly to elude the camera). Tiny frogs sat on the rocks and the sound of cicadas and unusual birdsong served as a constant reminder of the dense forest around us. Idyllic.

And back to Playa Pita

We revisited Tuesday’s lunch venue to wrap up the afternoon and took a few more photos. A couple of Ryvita, some fruit and chilled water was all we needed to accompany the third and fourth dip of the day – this time in the warm Pacific Ocean. Elisa took a little stroll along the beach to photograph some macaws whilst I played around like a juvenile on the rocks.

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    8th March 2017 at 12:54 pm

    Very cool Kieron,
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