Birds in Uvita

Birds in Uvita

All the photos in this gallery were taken by Elisa over a week in the garden of our villa whilst here in Uvita (in the Puntarenas Province of Costa Rica). Just to reiterate, this isn’t a national park or a bird sanctuary – these are all within a few feet of the front door. And it’s only a small sample of what’s around because, of course, we’re missing them as they fly by. We’ll keep adding to this gallery (and others) as we take more. Elisa has been using a pretty simple point and shoot camera and we’re both realising how amazing an SLR with a nice zoom lens would be.

Truth be told, she’s been camera in hand and on the lookout for birds, flowers and insects since we arrived. And who can blame her?

Elisa wants to add that the humming bird is a massive tease, flying close by, hovering beautifully in front of a flower and darting off the moment the camera is raised. But determined she is to get a better shot than the one in the gallery below. Do enlarge the photos by clicking one and navigating through. The thumbnails don’t do the birds justice.

See also photos of the flowers and butterflies she has taken. Pictures of some of the beautiful birds will follow in the next couple of days along with a sound file recorded at 5am.


To view the large images, click any photo thumbnail below to open the lightbox and navigate.

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