So, Buffy walked, coffee brewed and Cubase fired up, I was looking forward to a day ‘home alone’ to concentrate on fixing up the rhythm tracks and finalising an arrangement / mix for what has become a bit of a favourite (at least for now).

With wind howling far louder than the dog could manage and rain lashing at the windows, she accepted that it was probably time to curl up under the desk and face several hours of thumping kicks (I’m talking bass drum here, rather than her).

For some time (as usual), making any sense of what I had seemed impossible. I liked this pattern, but it didn’t really fit; I really liked that snare sound, but the ‘chorus’ made no sense at all. Etc., etc. In the end, I deleted the chorus completely and re-arranged the song substantially. A number of bass sounds were auditioned and I finally went with two with quite wide stereo separation to allow the kick to sit in the middle.

It’s a free download, so fill your boots.

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