Great Manchester Run

Great Manchester Run

Kicking off 2018 with a training plan for the next race – the Great Manchester Run, which is half-marathon or 10k. I’ll be doing the 10k and including lots of the shorter recovery runs in Bramall Park (pictured in the cover image above – not that you can see much of it) and I may even throw in a couple of the Saturday morning 5k Bramall Park Runs as race day gets closer.

I’ve set a target time of sub 40 minutes (highly ambitious) and will be spurred on by my partner in torture, Elliot Green. Elliot’s a keen (and capable) cyclist and I’m sure will run like a gazelle too.

I’m following a training programme which includes five days of running (I’ve knocked Tuesdays on the head so I can have two full rest days each week), and I’ll be combining this with the mandatory yoga, gym and some additional cardio (elliptical trainer and spinning). The cycling element is completely new to me. It’s years since I’ve been on a bike but Elisa seems to enjoy spinning so we just bought this Bodymax B150 from Powerhouse Fitness for the Three Kings which we celebrate this weekend.

I’m aware that my updates about progress towards last year’s Great North Run (which saw me finish a good 14 minutes slower than I had planned!) did not materialise. I’m also aware that my targets are always ambitious. But, without a goal…

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