January Training Update

January Training Update

January feels healthy. I’m having fun pounding pavements after a December which was decidedly more mince pies than blue skies. That said, the weather has meant more treadmill runs than I’d like, but that’s good for intervals and those runs where I’m trying to nail pace.

The training plan I’m following for the Great Manchester 10k (target: sub-40) is five days a week over a three week cycle. There’s a good mix of easy running (which I’m still doing too fast), intervals, racing, longer distance (maximum 90 minutes) and tempo runs. I like the way that each of the three weeks is a little different. It helps it keep fresh.

I’m also conditioning with plenty of yoga (4 x Ashtanga and 1 x Restorative), and four gym sessions (mainly light weights with push ups, handstands and foam roller). I’m keen to add spinning and elliptical training into the mix, but frankly, haven’t found the time to do so yet. Hope that will change soon.

The Christmas pounds are coming off but I need to focus more on diet. Right now, I’m eating when I’m hungry, which given the increase in activity, is frequently!

I’m really pleased with Saturday’s 10k (above). It was a “race” and I was hoping – at this stage – to dip under 50 minutes, so 46:23 was a real bonus and it’s helped a lot with motivation for this week.

I’ve added a Strava widget to the sidebar. It’s quite nicely put together but annoying in that it doesn’t show any manual entries and Strava refuse to develop an indoor setting for their app (something I really don’t understand because all the data required is being captured natively by most smartphones / watches).

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