Parque Nacional Carara

Parque Nacional Carara

Today we visited one of the smallest of Costa Rica’s National Parks, Carara, close to Tárcoles in the Puntarenas Province. Driving there from Jacó took around 25 minutes on National Route 34.

Another cloudless blue sky and a temperature of around 30 degrees when we arrived made us a little cautious about just how hot it would feel with the humidity in the park. We needn’t have worried. Most of the walk through the dense Costa Rican forest was in the shade and we weren’t disappointed with the beauty and natural life.

The Sounds of Costa Rica

One of the things which immediately caught our attention was the amazing sounds of the forest, so I grabbed the iPhone and raised it to the sky to capture a little audio. Take a listen.


No sooner had we stepped on the trail than a large lizard crossed in front of us. And a little further into the walk we encountered a couple of macaws (known locally as lapas) nestled high up in one of the trees.


My photographs – taken with the iPhone – were terrible, not least because it was so bright that I couldn’t even see where I was pointing! Elisa fared much better and got a couple of shots including this one. By the time we managed to get the camera out of the backpack however, one had flown away. Lesson learned.


Just by the tree and bridge where the macaws were perched, we came across this army of ants carrying leaves. We saw lots elsewhere on the walk, but the achievements of these fellas were worth a couple of seconds of video.

…and Monkeys

I was looking around for spiders (and feeling a little disappointed not to spot any) when we came across this cheeky little monkey jumping from branch to branch. I’ve uploaded a long video here and there’s a shorter one over on Facebook.

Playa Pita

After the trip to the park, we drove a few miles down the road towards Tárcoles and came across Playa Pita. We pulled over and stepped out to a wonderful beach (anything but a pain in the ass) which remained completely secluded the rest of the afternoon and made the perfect spot for a late lunch. Cool boxes unloaded, beach towels rolled out, falafel, hummus, salad and tortilla wraps followed by yogurt and a couple of cokes and the day was made.

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