Playa Potrero

Playa Potrero

We’ve been in Tamarindo in the Santa Cruz district for a week. It’s a great little place – nice bars, good cafes and the kind of gift shops you’d expect to find in a lively town where tourists outnumber locals by more than three to one. Eco-tourism is definitely the thing here and you’ll find yoga studios, vegan restaurants, surf shops and hostels a plenty.

We’ve visited Tamarindo itself a couple of times but our favourite place is, without doubt, Playa Potrero which features in most of the photographs on this page and the video (the panorama at the top of the page is Tamarindo Beach). The featured image – the one showing the blog post date – is taken from Las Brisas – a beach shack bar at the North end serving Virgin Piña Coladas which are as good as its food is bad. (We stopped for lunch one day and were horrified at how expensive terrible food could be. Hugely disappointing after the amazing ‘mocktails’.)

Vulture Teaser

The music in the video below is Blacklight, courtesy of my friends, Jero Nougues and Yigit Atilla (who provided the remix of Jero’s original). But here’s the question: What are the vultures eating in the video? Answer in the comments section below.


I can’t tell you how long we’ve spent sitting (or lying) on the beach watching the pelicans diving for fish. They’re pretty magnificent and compelling to watch. The one you see most clearly in the film above hit the water just a few feet from me, though it looks further in the video.


We’ve never seen dragonflies the size of those on the beach in Potrero – nor in the numbers. We’ve caught a few (unintentionally) on photos. The dark object you can see in the sky in this photo isn’t a pelican in the distance; it’s a dragonfly. (Click the photo to view the full size version.) At certain times of the day, you’ll see squadrons of them. I believe the collective noun is either ‘a beauty of dragonflies’ or ‘a cloud of dragonflies’ – both seem appropriate.

Howler Monkeys

Each morning at around 5am, we’re woken by the sounds of a howler monkey in the garden. If you’ve never heard a howler monkey, take a listen here. (I’ll capture the sound on my phone soon, but each time I go out to record him, he decides to be quiet and I find myself standing in the garden aiming the microphone hopefully at a tree!) I promise I’ll get some audio recorded before we leave here.

We’ve had a fabulous first week here in Tamarindo and it looks as though there’ll be plenty more to see. I’ve little doubt we’ll be returning to Playa Potrero a few more times before we leave the region, but there’s lots to explore. Carmen, Gabi and Daniel arrive on Thursday to spend ten days with us and we’re really looking forward to seeing them and getting stuck into some activities at Black Stallion Eco Park and Estates (amongst other things). For now though, I’ll leave you with a few more photographs.

  • Elliot
    20th March 2017 at 4:03 pm

    I’m going with Caiman? Slightly tough eating but still good!

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