Sub 90 Great North Run

Sub 90 Great North Run

This is me at the start of the 2016 Great North Run. It’s a half marathon I’ve run more times than I care to remember and in 2016 it formed part of my training for the New York Marathon. This year, it’s my primary focus.

My target is an elusive sub 1 hour and 30 minutes. My best time, a few years ago, was 1:32 and I’ll be training (and blogging) over the next few months to keep a record of how I get on. Having had a complete rest and way too many mince pies since New York, January is off to a gentle start.

My programme for this month will be five runs a week. For the first couple of weeks I’m planning three runs of 4.5 miles and two of 7.5 miles stepping up to 3 x 5 miles and 2 x 10 miles. For now, I’m not focusing on pace at all. It’s just a case of getting some miles under the belt (and losing some flab from the same place!).

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