Sun Sets on Day 1

Sun Sets on Day 1

After what felt like a really long day yesterday (13 hours from boarding to disembarking the plane; an hour in baggage reclaim; another hour signing car rental documents and a ninety minute drive to Jacó, Puntarenas) it was great to do very little today.

We began our three month visit to beautiful Costa Rica with a quick trip to the supermarket, enjoyed a chilled breakfast like the couple of old farts we are watching ‘Escape to the Country’ (thanks for setting up the company VPN, Yan!); and stepped out of the condo for a short barefoot walk along the sand.

Judging by the number of tat shops, surf shacks and fast-food joints, Jacó is a beach bum’s paradise; popular with young, hip, Kerouac groupies (and stray dogs). The weather is perfect – 32 degrees with not a cloud to be seen until the sun began to dip at around 6pm, making the sunset picture postcard beautiful. These two pictures were taken on the iPhone but we do need to pack a camera with zoom lens because there’s so much to capture.

Well, as first days go, this one rocked – albeit in a very mellow, Eagles kinda way.

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