Celebrating Small Family Businesses🎙️

Celebrating Small Family Businesses🎙️
Huge thanks to John and Connie Kuder for inviting Carmen and me onto their podcast last week.

Show notes

In this episode of Celebrating Small Family Businesses, hosts John and Connie Kuder interview Kieron and Carmen James, father and daughter co-founders of two businesses named Wonderful.

‎Celebrating Small Family Businesses: They’re Just Wonderful - Carmen and Kieron James on Apple Podcasts
‎Show Celebrating Small Family Businesses, Ep They’re Just Wonderful - Carmen and Kieron James - 20 Apr 2024

Wonderful.org began as an online charity giving platform and the success of that leveraging open banking to eliminate card processing fees for donations led to expanding into a FinTech payment business, Wonderful.co.uk.

They share the inspiration behind their ventures, the journey from frustration over traditional fundraising platforms to developing a completely fee-free service for charities, and how they navigated transforming this solution into a broader payment processing system for small businesses.

The discussion covers the origins of Wonderful, their venture into open banking, insights on running a family business, and their experiences with technology and regulatory challenges.

Additionally, Kieron shares his hobby in deep house music, illustrating the diverse interests that enrich the entrepreneurial journey.

Their charitable giving platform, free for charities to use, is https://wonderful.org/

Their e-commerce payment platform is https://wonderful.co.uk/