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Think Richa 🎙️

The latest episode of Think Richa w/ Andrés Richa “where you can learn to take ownership of your life and lead life with conviction.”

Show notes

In this episode, join Andres as he explores the journey of Kieron, a visionary entrepreneur whose adventures span from web design to online banking solutions, teaching us the power of digital transformation in business and life.

00:00 - Introduction
02:20 - Exploring the benefits of open banking for merchants and consumers.
16:10 - The balance of remote work and setting boundaries for productivity.
17:25 - Kieron's journey from coding to digital entrepreneurship.
24:31 - Overcoming challenges in e-commerce and the shift to digital products.
29:11 - The future of open banking and its role in reducing transaction costs.
36:40 - Kieron's approach to customer service and making transitions seamless.
43:01 - Reflections on living and working in different climates and their impact on productivity.
58:34 - The evolution of payment technologies and their impact on businesses.

🚀 About This Episode:

Join us as Kieron shares his experiences from starting in the educational sector to becoming a stalwart in the digital domain. Discover the lessons learned from pioneering online services, the significance of customer-centricity, and the exciting potential of open banking.

🔍 In This Episode, You'll Learn:

  • The essence of innovation in creating digital services.
  • Strategies for maintaining work-life balance as a digital entrepreneur.
  • Insights into the future of digital payments and financial technology.
  • The importance of flexibility and continuous learning in digital entrepreneurship.